Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'll (not) be back

Last week Harsh Boggle speculated that Warney won't be back for IPL 2010. That got me thinking as to who else might be reconsidering a return in IPL 2010. Of course this is all speculation, but here's my list of potential retirees -

Anil Kumble - He's done. He gave it his all this year, and would have loved to go out on a winning note, with a thumbed nose at his fat man owner to boot, but it was not to be. I seriously doubt he will be back next year. What a way to go out though.

Rahul Dravid - He would have been gone this year itself, if not for his loyalty to Anil Kumble. I am sure he will not be back next year if Kumble goes.

Saurav Ganguly - Unless SRK fires the entire coaching staff at KKR AND genuflects in abject apology before Dada in the center of Kolkata's maidan, I doubt Ganguly's coming back next year. It just doesn't make sense for him to. Then again, Dada hates going out on a losing note.

VVS Laxman - He is said to be working hard with the physio in the team to learn about being a better 20/20 player. Unless he learns a whole new game, I doubt he will be back next year.

Sachin Tendulkar - This tournament ads no value to Sachin's career, and probably for that reason, Sachin adds no value to the tournament either. He has been forgettable in both seasons, with not one signature innings to prove his worth. 10 years ago, maybe even 5, he'd have rules the roost. Now, his body and mind are just too tired.

Sanath Jayasuriya - The kind of tournament he has had this year, I doubt if Jayasuriya will even be playing international Cricket next year, let alone contribute meaningfully.

Makhaya Ntini - He was the surprise bench rider this year and I doubt he'll be playing past the end of this year anyway.

Chaminda Vaas - He is another one I sincerely doubt can add value to any side anymore.

Muralitharan - He might be back as a spin bowling coach for Chennai, but as a player for a full season seems unlikely. However, again, this is the indestructible Murali we're talking about, so you never know.

Murali Karthik - He's been ineffectual, and apart from the money there's no reason for him to come back or for any team to want him to come back. He's rumored to want out of Kolkata anyway, but I doubt if any of the teams will be falling over themselves to recruit him, specially with the new young Indian spinners making their mark in this IPL.

Ajit Agarkar - Someone has to explain to me what this guy is still doing in Cricket.

The Aussies will all be back, because they all need the money, even Warne, who's underpaid in the IPL as it is, and has made no secret of his desire for a coaching gig in India in any capacity. If he gets a plum coaching assignment, then maybe he will promote himself to coach at RR and leave the captaincy to Smith or Yussie. Remains to be seen.


Q said...

Glenn Mcgrath?

raj said...

Murali Kartik - the man with a sub-6 economy rate. lesser than harbhajan, just saying.

Yenjie said...

McGrath needs the money. I think like all his ex-teammates, he's beyond pride now. Can't make this kind of money anywhere else. He'll ride he bench if he has to - he's got kids to feed.

Q said...

Beyond pride? which other ex-team mater are beyond pride?

Yenjie said...

Warne, desperately publicizing his availability for "any coaching assignment" within the Indian setup. He knows he's underpaid at 250k in RR, but they have him for 3 years and he can't afford to quit. Even Hayden is underpaid compared to someone like Ishant Sharma or Dhoni.

Q said...

Warne's pay check is 450K.. thats what he was picked up for by RR... and i'm sure he makes some by doubling up as coach...