Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Normal Service Resumes

The T20 World Cup being over and done with, Shahid Afridi proceeded without delay to replace his foot where it belongs - squarely in his mouth. Some of his comments to the Pakistani press on his triumphant return home -

The Indians did not seem keen to play us (he means they did not seem keen to resume playing against Pakistan regularly) - "On the face, they said they would like to see cricket between the two countries but I think in their hearts they thought otherwise. Their attitude and behaviour while playing against us showed this," Afridi said. I think he was disappointed that the Indian team showed no inclination to lose the match or atleast to appear to work hard for a win.

Not stopping at that, Afridi then swallowed his foot up to the ankle by claiming that he was disappointed at being ignored for the Man of the Series award, after scoring no less than 170 runs @ 35 with a high score of 54*. His scores were 5, 13, 29, 24, 51 and 54. Dilshan, the actual winner, got ~320 runs @53 with a high score of 96*, and had scores of 53, 74, 46, 48, 96. How Dilshan could have been ignored in favor of anyone else, and specially Afridi, only Afridi can explain.

Mr. Boombastic of Cricket.

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