Sunday, July 12, 2009


Australia had it all wrapped up but for the singing, except one man refused to lay down. When the chips were down, Collingwood showed why he is an English Test batsman. He may never get a game in Sehwag's 20-20 side, and he will never make West Indian fans put down their rum and dance in the stands with his powerful hitting, but when it comes to Test Match Cricket, Mr. Collingwood is the closest thing England have to "The Wall". His desire is miles ahead of his talent, and he never lets up. Today again he showed why the English were able to create the greatest empire in history despite being the most boring people on Earth. The words "I give up" do not exist for him. He battled in the most dour fashion, without regard to aesthetics, and fired up his team mates to finish the job after he had brought them so close. What a game! What an innings.


Late Inswing said...

Apt comment Yenjie. While glamour boys KP and Flintoff (he of the bowling average 32+) get all the attention, lets look at who has got a double hundred in a 'live' ashes match in Adelaide, a hundred Nagpur to put England in a strong position in a match they were expected to show up and lose and another hundred in Chennai to set a formidable score. Unnoticed,dogged and team -man to the hilt, thats Collingwood.

Krish said...

Nice one, but you forget that Collingwood is also the captain for the England T20 side :-) Isn't that amazing?