Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The MRF Update

Alright. I know everybody's been holding their collective breath for the report on my MRF bat's performance. It is still only partially knocked in really. I need to spend atleast another 3-4 hours on it, with the mallet and with the old ball in a sock routine. However, earlier this month I took it out for its first game. Here's what happened -

First ball - defended.
Second ball - hit HARD right back at the bowler, who stuck is hand out. Nearly broke his hand.
Third ball - defended.
Fourth ball - hit HARDER right back at the bowler, who stuck his foot out, and immediately pulled it back because of what happened earlier. FOUR !
Fifth ball - play and miss.
Sixth ball - Six over long on. I skipped down, and lofted it without much power, but the fielder had no chance.

End of the over - bowler left the field for 10 overs with a swollen hand. Lucky he did not fracture it.

The bat is absolutely beautiful. The balance and pickup is superb. I have 4 grips on it in total, because of my large hands. You hardly feel the strokes. In all I made 37 runs that day, with 4-5 fours apart from the one 6. Played shots on the off as well as the on side. Did not get to play either a cut or a glance, but the bat has serious power and the ball really carries if hit up, and stays hit if hit along the ground. This is definitely the most powerful bat I have ever played with. Money really well spent. Now I am trying to get my friends to agree to play a test match type game over 2 days. Lets see if that materialises.


Naked Cricket said...

Good stuff man, you bat left or right? More bat pics pls, with red spots

Yenjie said...

Thanks for the reply. I'm a right hand bat. Usually 3rd down, or 4th. Technique's suffered a bit with age and injury and lack of regular practice opportunities. Trying to remedy that these days with a ball in a sock on a string in the backyard. The goal is to supplement that with semi-regular nets with a local league team. Tried that recently and both timing and footwork are way off. So, back to the backyard for now. In club matches that's not a issue usually, because the standard of bowling is not too high. Hand-eye coordination and bottom-hand shots suffice in club cricket, where everybody is a weekend cricketer.

The bat foto is from the website where I ordered it. Will try to post fotos of my actual bat soon.

scorpicity said...

Nice... I guess these modern bats no longer need to be seasoned and knocked in nicely before actually using it in a game.